"Corona Style" Advertising

Recently, we have been shaking the world of advertising due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. Thousands of campaigns got off the air due to the limitations and uncertainties that businesses are facing.

There are a variety of slogans on the network: "It's time to be creative", "It's time to be bold", "Make lemon a lemonade", "Be winners" and other phrases that should incentivize us to move forward. But basically, I want to tell you that there are simply opportunities that can be exploited, the question is: are you brave enough and willing to take the 'risk' or choose to accept the situation as it is and get your foot off the gas?

Website visibility

People during this time spend a long time on the screens to watch the news and you need to know how to take advantage of it. 

Conversations with colleagues during the day indicate that daily traffic levels have increased between 25% -50% in various parameters over the previous year! The media world responds to a crisis similarly to the programmatic world: Declining advertisers + free media and the need to "fill it" => Negotiable... (but this time with people and not with computers).

Pick up the phone, call friends from all the media, ask for their peace (it's not easy for them I promise) and check with them if there are attractive offers, they can offer you. Probably no one will openly advertise anything, but the media needs money from advertising, this is its way of financing the system (the extra way is from subscribers, but it is less relevant to the topic).


The truth is that this is not a one-time opportunity for good creatives to always work, but creatives tailored to a crazy period like this simply get extra visibility and maybe even virality. As the Corona changed its behavior, it also changed the way humans think. Creative thinking should give a different emphasis based on a different perspective.


The world of communities has grown in the last 5 years. Very strong communities in different fields have been built, and you have become a major part of creating content for these communities.

So, what's the opportunity here?

Because surfers are active in many communities, in times when they need more help (crisis and this), in times when they need more ideas, or in times when they want to express even more solidarity, communities become the immediate refuge.

Below are screenshots of community member engagement on a business site:

תמונה שמכילה טקסט, ישיבה, שולחן, גדולהתיאור נוצר באופן אוטומטי
תמונה שמכילה צילום מסךהתיאור נוצר באופן אוטומטי

Communities are a very effective media tool, priced in most cases (because it's a little hard to understand how much media worth when there is no referral), and you can take the opportunity to do cool activities with the involvement of your target audience.

Choose the right communities for you, and start driving this economy because another day it will no longer be priced out.