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What WE DO

We are storytellers. We tell a story, and we tell it GOOD. With more than 20 years of worldwide experience with international clients and advertising agencies alike, we speak in Results. Frankly, that is our native tongue. We specialize in creating effective, accurate and profitable marketing strategies, online and offline.

But wait, there's more: we know how to make things happen. We know what stories motivates success, and we know what stories motivates people. We write those stories. We plan them. Our strategic is costume-made to give each of our clients the "IMAC Moment". It's the moment you're all waiting for: the moment where everything "clicks". It is what success looks and feels like.

Our Services

Web Development

Like a tailor, we fit your web to your perfect size and figure. E-commerce, branding, landing pages – we do it, and we do it perfectly. Here are some of our clients, and yes, of course they look >>

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We specialize in creating effective and innovative campaign in all medias: online and offline. When it comes to planning creative marketing strategies, we are at the top of our game. It is check(ed), mate.

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Influencers Campaign

In the growing and changing media platforms, you want the right, powerful people by your side, and that's why we're here. Our experienced and professional team specializes in connecting and matching the perfect media influencers to your brand. You plant the seeds, we harvest success.

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Social Media

In a swift world that never sleeps, you want your brand to be remembered. We know how to make it happen. Our mother tongue is Results, and we are fluent at it.

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Visual Design

Have you ever wondered how your dream will look like in reality? Well, Dreams are our reality: we bring them to life.

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Public Relations

Everyone has a story to tell. We know how to tell it.

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IMAC MEDIA, among other skills, specialize in providing international, costume-made marketing solutions. We suggest worldwide digital marketing strategies to the target audience of your choice.

How we do?

With the help of our talented, hard-working, professional, and experienced creative team, we achieve great success with every client of ours. We keep ourselves constantly updated regarding present and future trends in the changing and growing digital and non-digital markets. We educate ourselves on new and innovative strategies to fulfill our wildest dreams.

Our team provides services to international clients and companies all around the world, and we operate in regions such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and many more.Despite the cultural and language differences, all our clients speak one common, universal tongue: Success.

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