Each powerful and successful brand has a strong and unique identity. To achieve this high level of financial and commercial success, it is recommended for a brand owner to construct a strong, coherent, and unique identity to their business. Let us dive into some important guidelines regarding this matter:

First and foremost, set your brand values: they should be clear and distinguished from your competitors to stand out, so your brand will attract not only its specific targeted audience, but also your competitors' audience and market share. 

Next, plan a business strategy to build your brand's character and attitude. In a market full of undistinguishable brands, build your brand so it will stand out in an innovative way. Ask yourself what your brand represents and what does it stand for. Analyze your brand's strengths and emphasize them as much as you can, so its advantages over others will be crystal clear. Furthermore, be sure to focus on your specific targeted audience. Ask yourself what type of person your client is and what attracts him the most. Make him believe in your brand and your product.

Additionally, you should recognize opportunities for your brand to grow. an opportunity is any situation that you can exploit to your brand's advantage. Make sure your creative team is updated on the current trends in the market and use them properly in your campaigns. Bear in mind that the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) has a fast news cycle so your message should be clear, focused, and unique to be remembered.

However, you should also analyze your brand's weaknesses and "soft spots". Try to find and understand the factors that place your brand at a disadvantage relative to others and try to address them as soon as you can. Prepare for any possible threats on your brand. A threat is any factor that can harm your business in the short or long-term.  Solve any problem that can potentially harm you in a financial matter, inside and outside of your organization. Try to keep an ethical organizational culture and recommend your employees to do so, as they represent the brand in the organization itself and in front of others. Try not to use offensive language in any of your campaigns, and it is recommended you guide your employees to be pleasant and kind to costumers, in social media and brick and mortar stores alike. For best outcomes, it is advised you work with a professional consultant regarding social media crises.

Most importantly, you should build your brand's identity so it will match your targeted audience, and this identity should be as accessible as possible so it will increase your market share by luring new clients. Remember that human beings are social creatures and as such, they need to feel like they are a part of something – they want to feel relevant. You should use this desire and make them feel that by engaging with your brand, these emotional needs will be met. "Attachment" of your targeted audience to your brand will predict its financial growth and success, in digital marketing on social media and brick and mortar stores alike.