How to do business on linkedin

With more than 690 million members and more than 30 million companies using the platform to sell, advertise, and recruit, Linkedin is one of the most popular social media platforms online. If you want to increase your market share and revenues, build a professional image for your business, and recruit new staff members, Linkedin is the place for your brand to plant its seeds of success and let them grow.

Let potential clients and job applicants an inner glimpse of your organization culture: share the team that makes your business great, highlight your brand's uniqueness, and offer your followers exclusive content. Spread the news on what your Linkedin page has to offer: from job opportunities and Linkedin live sessions to exclusive deals, offers, and updates for followers only. Add the Linkedin logo that links to your brand page to your other business pages on social media so your audience will find and follow it.

Make sure to build at least a minimal marketing budget for ads to your page on Linkedin, since ads and campaigns can increase your visibility to other business owners, clients and potential new employees, as well as increasing your business engagement with them. As far as online recruitment for your business goes, Linkedin can be a prolific ground for recruiters to find the right applicant fitting for the job.

It is important to create a clear and realistic Linkedin marketing strategy. Think of the goals you want to achieve for your business: do you want to recruit new staff member? Do you want to focus on B2B interactions with other business owners? Do you want to increase your market share and target audience? Are you looking for potential business opportunities and threats from potential competitors? 

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