How to increase engagement on instagram

Choose an active influencer

It is important to choose an active influencer who engages with their audience and with other influencers. An active and responsive influencer, who owns a loyal audience that engages with her, will lead your brand to them and increase your brand market share. Moreover, an influencer that engages with other influencers creates a friendly, reliable image, so other influencer will trust her judgement and will engage in one way or another with your brand – leading it to their audience.

Furthermore, an influencer that interacts with its audience after uploading content that involves your brand will help the algorithms on Instagram increase the post's exposure: higher engagement (likes and comments) will cause the post to appear higher up in your follower's feeds. 

Take a stand

According to SproutSocial, nearly 70% of consumers on Instagram want brands to take a stand on social issues, and 66% of them who want brands to take a stand on social media say it’s because they believe that brands can create real change. Make sure your brand and its ambassadors and influencers are taking a clear and moral stand. This will benefit your brand in multiple ways: it will increase your brands engagement with its audience, which will further increase its visibility to other users; and it will increase a positive public opinion regarding your brand. Examples are ample: just press the hashtags of #blacklivesmatter or #blackouttuesday to see many brands take a stand.

Invest on the right advertisement  

Invest on creative, exciting, and costume-made ads, campaigns and sponsorships that match your brand and your target audience. Extraordinary campaigns bring more engagement (likes and comments) to your brand's page and increase its exposure to potential new clients online. 

Choosing the right ambassadors and influencers for your brand can either skyrocket your brand engagement and market share or the complete opposite.

That is why you need to choose wisely. Our team specializes in creating exciting and innovative ways to skyrocket brands and increasing their market share and revenues.

Choose wisely. Choose IMAC.