The added value of content

In this day and age of digital marketing, there’s been an increased demand in content for websites to add value to their brand.  

While considering your options for a direct marketing strategy, you mustn’t forget the importance of using what you already have. Instead of immediately jumping to PPC or Google Ads to drive traffic to your site, build up your site with information about your product, as well as the services your product fulfills. There are a few reasons why you should consider building up the value of your site with appropriate content to drive traffic organically. 

For one thing, adding content to your website can show your users how much you know about the product. By writing extensively about your craft, especially to your audience and what they need, you can not only be a source of information about the topic but also show how you’re the best person for the job.  People will find your content and stay for your service. This adds a considerable amount of value to your brand, as it attracts the users to your services and goods and keeps you in their heads, which is better than any 250-character copy on an ad. (This isn’t meant to completely throw away PPC ads, since they still hold a considerable amount of value for social media and for other means of marketing, as seen here.) (link here to another post on the site about PPC ads).

Additionally, it also helps to commodify your website, increasing the value you can bring to your customers. This can be a chance for you to work on your website onboarding as well, which is basically how you get people interested in your services by getting them familiar with you. Giving them this content is an investment in bringing the right people to your site. Hopefully, they’ll consider your products and services in the future after seeing your knowledge.

With any content strategy, it can be difficult to figure out how to add value in this way. We recommend using the analytics of your website to determine the type of users that come to your site and starting from there. Please contact us with any needs you may have with regards to content needs, and we’d be happy to help.